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City Screens and Designs LogoCity Screen and Designs started in February 28, 2012 as an effort to cut cost on t-shirts for events and programming that was being done at Bay View. While working at a local high school, Robert Roberson and one of his students planned the homecoming and they wanted to give out shirts for staff and students. Unable to raise enough funds to have custom t-shirts made, their plans were quickly falling apart. They later learn that the school had screen printing supplies that they use to make shirts as a project. The school agreed and shirts were supplied for the students and staff. At another event, Robert wanted to raise money by selling t-shirts. He approached the school again to have shirts but was unsuccessful.

He later decided to research how much it would cost to get the equipment to make shirts himself as a hobby and for his events and programs. After researching then later deciding to buy an introductory entrepreneur kit with all his savings he quickly began printing shirts for himself and his events. After printing shirts for one of his programs, one the staff members at the school liked the quality of the shirts and asked where he got his shirts done.  She had Robert do a couple of shirts for her and City Screen and Designs first customer was born. Quickly word spread amongst friends and family that

Robert had the capability to produce quality screening printed shirt and other began to order shirts. Soon the volume became too high for the introductory kit and Robert knew it was time for an upgrade. Robert then learn about Pipeline to Promise, a program geared toward helping people find jobs, start/ expand  business and a great networking tool. At the first meeting he went to a he presented his business and vision for the future.

The staff at Pipeline to Promise was impressed by his vision and decided to help take City Screen and Designs to a level where apparel can be printed commercially. The relationships that City Screen and Designs has made with Pipeline to Promise and others has allowed the company to now offer a wide range of Services including screening printing, embroidery, wholesale apparel and more.

City Screen Designs

Owner – Rob Roberson

Phone – (414)839-0261