Stop a speeding bullet campaign!

Three young men facing insurmountable odds. Living in one of the nation’s most segregated cities. And surviving in a neighborhood infected with guns and violence. One misguided decision leads to crime, jail time…and too often death. The easy path? Give up and become a statistic. Their path? Take the second chance. Turn their lives around. Make a positive change. Become a Rebel for Life.

A renewed effort has started Tuesday to keep teenagers from Milwaukee away from gun violence.

“It’s an alternative to corrections.  We feel a lot of our young people deserve and earn that second chance in life.”

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I can stop a speeding bullet campaign!



“I can stop a speeding bullet doesn’t just mean to physically stop a speeding but, but I can intervene on something that will become a violent situation,” says Dawn Barnett.  Adds her husband, “If we don’t work with those young people on the front end, they will be the ones doing the shooting. Now they’re getting jobs and being successful.”  The benefits to the community are obvious, but Running Rebels also saves Milwaukee County substantial money – more than $60 million that would be spent on attempting to house and rehabilitate non-violent young prisoners. That means the group makes fiscal sense, but it still needs volunteers and funding for the recreation department to keep kids in the program long after it’s officially over.

“Just the basics are funded, “says Dawn Barnett.  “But we never give just the basics. We’re available to them all the time.”  To read the full story click here:

I can stop a speeding bullet campaign!